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nicolaj kirisits | architecture soundart


Nicolaj Kirisits

Interactive Soundinstallation

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The Sound Installation echos concerns itself with the characteristics and the aesthetic potential of acoustic mirror sources, particulary with the temporal distance of their occurence and the associated physicalness, which is produced by each acoustic event in any space, depending upon the existing architectture (the mirror). The received Sound is always the sum of the Original and the Reflections. With ECHOS the perceived Soundobject is not only modelled by the original, but is produced by the shaping of this temporal Distance of the Reflections, which is to be equated the spatial Movement of the mirror, thus the Architecture. The Mirrorsources begin themselve to move independently from the original. Thus a secondary Doppler Effect develops; a Doppler Effect of the mirror, not one of the Original soundsource.

Visual Mirrors produce likewise "sources of mirrors". Since light is much faster than sound, the temporal distance of the reflection is practical zero, a stretch of the now, as perceived thru sound is missing. Echos e

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