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Laki Architekten | Günter Lautner | Nicolaj Kirisits
gemeinsam mit: Michaela Pammer
221 unit residential complex

Photos: Sophia Wiegele

The basis of this design was the urban develompment competition alte Busgarage in Vienna won by laki Architects.
The special question of this competition was living on the ground floor. Three-storey duplexes were developed, which have a studio room in the basement with a view of their own garden in the sunken garden. On the ground floor there is a courtyard-side private garden and a balcony facing the street and the sunken garden from above, and on the first floor there is an arbor situated on the street side and a balcony. A differentiated design between privat and public of the outdoor spaces of the apartment instead of a badly usable "distance green" to the street.

The entire building consists of 8 staircases, swimming pool and follow-up facilities on the roof and a garage with personal lighting through solitary trees, which are also planted sunken at the level of the garage in the courtyard.
Each apartment has an outdoor area, half of which is a loggia and half of a balcony, in order to differentiate between private and public on all floors.

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Wettbewerb "alte Bussgarage"

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