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nicolaj kirisits | architecture soundart


Nicolaj Kirisits

audio- internet- based mixed reality

In this work a virtual binaural audio space that is located around the listener is designed. Elements of this space are sound points that are in fixed positions, as well as a moving point whose movement represents the virtual movements of a second person who is also in this virtual room at the same time. However, this second person is not physically present, but is located geographically in another location and is only connected to the first person by the internet. The virtual space in which the second person is located is a clone of the virtual space of the first person; only the real space in which the listeners are is different. The two spaces are connected via internet.

The sound points consist of different noise colors (white, pink, brown and blue-ish noise). The sound of the moving point, represents the other person and what the second person says into his/her microphone you can hear from this position. This information also receives a spatial position in the virtual space.

In addition, this virtual space has different mirror properties (reverberations) that change their state fluently. The condition depends on the listener's position. In this way, the same situation is heard more reverberantly from one position than from another.

As a user, you move through an acoustic space that builds up around you and you can communicate with a second person who is also in this room without being present. You can move around space and or the second person virtually.

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