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nicolaj kirisits | architecture soundart


Nicolaj Kirisits

binaural sound-Installation
headsets, gyroscop, magnetic sensor
Photos: Sophia Wiegele, Eva Würdinger
sound 1
sound 2

Bring your ship to land that you may listen to our twin voices (Odyssee, Homer)

The work is comprised of sound sources and spatial responses in a virtual enviroment. Where these elements are situatied can be seen at a map that consists of circles. Each circle represents either a sound source or a spatial response. The orientation of the head - which follows the perspectival (binaural) positions of the sounds - manoeuvres the visitor through the acoustic spaces. One´s personal journey through the virtual space of the musical score generates a unique space-sound experience.

It is difficult to apply the centralperspective, which has proven itself as an optimised construction tool for archtectural spaces, to acoustic spaces. No more than two or three elements can be localised acoustically in a space; a differentiation of relatively small distances is next to impossible.

The advantage of an acoustic space resides in its inherent immersive quality. Hence, the work does not attempt to emulate architecture acoustically, rather it aims to create different acoustic spaces that are linked within an architectural setting in virtual space and whose temporal structure is informed by the movement of the recipents.

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